HR can be daunting.

It requires a special level of expertise and care that you simply do not have time for. And you shouldn’t have to!

We believe you shouldn’t have to be an HR expert to operate a successful business with a healthy culture.

We understand just how challenging running a business can be – and how overwhelming HR issues can be when you don’t have the necessary knowledge or the time to dedicate to solving them.

These issues include…

Overwhelmed HR Personnel

Top Talent Leaving

Keeping up with Regulations

Low Morale

Avoiding Lawsuits and Fines

Outdated or Missing Policies & Procedures

That’s why we’re here for you. As a human resources consulting agency with decades of experience, our HR consultants can help you fix all of these challenges and, beyond that, instill a strong culture in your organization so its members can thrive.

Our Services

HR Advice

HR Consulting and Outsourcing

Improve organizational effectiveness and reduce liability with senior-level HR support, on-demand

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Carrer Coaching

HR Coaching and Mentoring

Develop and retain key talent with programs that help team members and leaders realize their full potential

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Training & Team

HR Training and Team Building

Increase employee engagement and organizational efficiency with custom curricula tailored to your needs

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Our Difference

Lindenberger Group has been helping businesses enact actionable, reliable HR solutions for 23 years. Each team member brings a minimum of 10 years of HR experience to the table, along with their own unique expertise, qualifications, and certifications.

“As a business owner, I get it – sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day or money in the budget to manage HR on your own. That’s why our team of experts takes ownership of your most complex HR issues, allowing you to focus on running your business with confidence. It’s the sensible way to build a healthy, engaging, and inclusive workplace culture.”


Solutions For Today’s Challenges

“How do you build a mission-driven organization? By hiring people who embrace your values, then on-boarding, training, and supporting them so they’re motivated to be an integral part of your team. That’s it.”


Your People Drive Your Mission

“We get it: there’s never enough budget. Together, we’ll pinpoint your most pressing needs. Then, we’ll help you use your resources where they’ll do the most good. Our goal is to help you get $2 worth of benefits from every dollar.”


Sized for Success