Established in 1989, Concord Engineering Group, Inc. (Concord) has positioned itself at the forefront of the engineering and energy consulting industry. Concord has flourished by delivering comprehensive engineering, design build, and commissioning services with a personal touch that only a dedicated team can provide. With over 100 professionals across offices in Philadelphia, New York, Voorhees, Princeton and Atlantic City, Concord prides itself on pioneering energy-efficient, sustainable, and resilient solutions for a diverse client base.

The Challenge

As Concord continued to expand, managing a growing team efficiently became increasingly complex. The need for a nuanced HR strategy that could flexibly support the company’s growth, without the overhead of a full-time HR department, became apparent. Concord sought to enhance HR processes and ensuring streamlined operations that aligned with the company’s core values and operational goals.

The Lindenberger Group Solution

Lindenberger Group, renowned for its expert HR consulting services, partnered with Concord to spearhead a transformative HR initiative. Led by Ramona Adkins, a seasoned HR professional with over twenty-five years of HR experience, the collaboration aimed at embedding effective HR practices into Concord’s operational framework.

Implementation Highlights:

  • Onsite HR Presence: Recognizing the value of personal interaction, Lindenberger Group ensured Ramona maintained an onsite presence, fostering strong relationships and becoming a recognized figure within the company.
  • Process Standardization: A significant milestone was the introduction of standardized HR processes. This initiative, championed by Ramona and Concord’s CFO, Nancy Hennefer, involved the creation of uniform job description templates, offer letters, and a coherent onboarding and termination process.
  • Adaptive Recruitment Strategies: In a competitive market, attracting top talent requires innovative approaches. Lindenberger Group’s strategies helped Concord navigate the challenges of recruiting highly skilled engineers, balancing the necessity for onsite collaboration with evolving expectations for remote work.
  • Integrating HR into Company Culture: Beyond procedural improvements, Lindenberger Group’s approach underscored HR’s role in supporting and participating in the company culture, enhancing employee engagement and integration.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Concord Engineering and Lindenberger Group led to notable improvements across HR functions, marking a paradigm shift in how HR could drive company efficiency and culture. The standardization of processes not only streamlined administrative tasks but also reinforced a consistent and fair approach across the company.

A Word from Nancy Hennefer, CFO at Concord Engineering:

“We’ve worked collaboratively with the Lindenberg Group, and specifically Ramona Adkins, for approximately nine years. The number of years alone is a true testament to the success of our partnership. Several of those years were especially challenging as we navigated through the COVID pandemic, opened new offices and expanded geographically. I would highly recommend the Lindenberger Group to companies who need the expertise of a seasoned and very professional team of HR specialists.”


Concord Engineering’s journey with Lindenberger Group illustrates the transformative power of strategic HR management. Through this partnership, Concord has reinforced its operational foundation, ensuring continued leadership in the engineering and energy sectors. This case study exemplifies Lindenberger Group’s commitment to delivering bespoke HR solutions that foster growth, culture, and operational excellence.

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