Mitchell has held executive HR positions and helped build high performing teams at American Express, UBS, Siemens USA, and other blue-chip organizations over the past 30+ years. Throughout his career, he has been a leader in change management, leading organizations of up to 15,000 to develop programs and strategies that increase efficiency and effectiveness while supporting growth.

A results-driven leader, he specializes in:

  • Talent management
  • Succession planning
  • Total compensation design
  • Organizational restructurings
  • Individual role restructurings
  • Integrating organizations after acquisitions or mergers

Mitchell combines diplomacy and facilitation skills in guiding multiple stakeholders to achieve results that meet an organization’s goals and increase morale and teamwork. Skilled at aligning HR strategy and initiatives with business strategy and employee requirements, he has helped organizations achieve the following:

  • Reduce HR-related costs by 25%
  • Speed onboarding by 18%
  • Boost retention of key talent by 20%
  • Boost employee retention after acquisition by 30%

Mitch holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Personnel/Industrial Relations from Ithaca College and a certificate from the Securities Industry Institute from The Wharton School.