Executive coaching services and career coaching might sound like similar concepts, but they’re actually quite different. At the Lindenberger Group, we’re not just a top-rated HR consulting firm serving NYC and beyond. We also provide both executive coaching and career coaching in NYC; however, each is designed to fulfill different functions. Both types of coaching involve working with individuals to enhance certain aspects of their job performance, but executive coaching services are meant to benefit an entire organization, while career coaching is geared towards benefitting one individual in regards to their personal career trajectory. Let’s take a close look at the subject and dive deeper into the differences between executive coaching and career coaching.

What Is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching services are designed for high-ranking employees at a company who want to improve their leadership skills. An executive coach helps business leaders enhance their self-awareness, providing the resources needed to improve relations with employees from each department. You can also improve your company’s self-regulation with an executive coach, meaning that, as a whole, your company can do a better job of managing internal human resources without having to hire an HR new director. Ultimately, an executive coach benefits the entire organization because a better leader produces results for the whole company, not just themselves.

What Is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is geared more towards the individual; a career coach’s purpose is to guide an individual to an ideal career trajectory, frequently offering helpful advice to the individual they are mentoring as they navigate their industry. The advice you would get from a career coach is not limited to help finding your next job — a career coach’s job is to set you up for your desired long-term career trajectory, and that includes resume advice, networking tips, job interview preparation, and much more.

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