Sevaro, a pioneering telemedicine company specializing in neurology, engaged Lindenberger Group to  establish their Human Resources (HR) practices during a critical growth phase. With a mission to provide expert neurological care with compassion, collaboration, and data-driven telemedicine, Sevaro  needed a robust HR function to support their growing  operations.

The Challenge

Sevaro, experiencing rapid growth, needed an effective  HR function to support their dynamic and remote workforce. With over 35 active practitioners and a corporate staff that grew from 4 to 22 employees, Sevaro faced the challenge of managing complex onboarding processes and fostering a strong company culture in a fully remote work environment.

Solutions Implemented

Bruce Doherty, a Senior HR Consultant from Lindenberger Group, led the initiative to enhance Sevaro’s HR practices. Over his three-year tenure with Sevaro, Bruce implemented several key strategies:

  • Onboarding Process Optimization: Bruce streamlined the onboarding process by creating a comprehensive checklist and ensuring all necessary documents were verified and updated in the HR system. This helped new hires transition smoothly into their roles.
  • HR and Payroll System Changeover: Sevaro needed a more suitable payroll system to handle their unique payment structure for providers. Bruce led the HR migration  to a new  platform, uploading all necessary HR documents and ensuring the HR portion of the new system was fully functional.
  • Recruitment and Talent Management:Although Bruce did not handle practitioner hiring directly, he managed the onboarding process from job acceptance to integration into the company.
  • Cultural Integration and Employee Engagement: As a fully remote company, Sevaro’s CEO strives to maintain a strong focus on culture. Bruce supported initiatives for personal and professional interactions and celebrating important milestones with personalized gifts. These efforts fostered a sense of community and engagement among the remote staff.


The implementation of these HR practices led to significant improvements at Sevaro:

  • Enhanced Onboarding and Integration: The structured onboarding process allowed new hires to transition smoothly, reducing the time to productivity and enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • Operational Efficiency:The new HR and payroll system streamlined operations, reducing administrative burdens and improving accuracy in payroll management.
  • Improved Talent Management:Effective onboarding ensured that Sevaro could quickly integrate new practitioners, meeting the demands of their growing client  base.
  • Strong Company Culture:The emphasis on culture and employee engagement helped maintain a positive and collaborative work environment, crucial for a fully remote organization.


Bruce’s contributions had a profound impact on Sevaro, setting a foundation for sustainable growth and operational excellence. His efforts in defining HR practices aligned seamlessly with Sevaro’s mission and values, supporting their vision of providing high-quality neurological care.


The work of Lindenberger Group, through Bruce Doherty’s expertise, highlights the transformative power of effective HR management in a growing organization. Their efforts not only resolved existing challenges but also established a robust HR framework that supports Sevaro’s mission and future growth. This case study demonstrates how strategic HR outsourcing can drive significant organizational improvements and support business objectives.