Why “Fill in the Blanks” is a Terrible Employee Manual Strategy

There’s no question that your employee manual is important. Employees want and need to know about benefits, paid time off, and the various policies and procedures that help your organization run smoothly.

But if your employee manual only outlines paydays and reimbursement procedures, you’re missing a big opportunity. A strong employee manual can benefit your organization in many ways:

  • Create a strong first impression for new hires
  • Communicate your brand to all employees
  • Emphasize and support your culture
  • Demonstrate compliance with government and industry regulations and standards
  • Communicate to employees how much they’re valued

Transform Your Employee Manual
Into a Strategic Tool

In reality, HR teams that are stretched thin produce an employee manual as quickly and easily as possible, typically by downloading a template or answering a questionnaire from a vendor (such as a payroll company) and filling in the blanks. They cross that task off their to-do list and move on.

There’s a better way. The Lindenberger Group can craft an employee manual that goes beyond policies and procedures to become a powerful marketing and strategic tool. And we’ll make life easier for your HR team by taking this task off their plates.

We’ve helped organizations of all sizes and industries with an employee manual that works hard for them every day and drives the mission and culture.

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