If you are considering a career change, are unhappy with your current job, or simply want to tweak your resume, a career coach could be just what you need. Career coaches can help you determine your optimal career trajectory, improve your resume, develop a practical networking strategy, prepare for job interviews, negotiate salary, or even start your own business.

As one of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey’s most trusted sources of career training mentors, the Lindenberger Group is proud to help our clients find their desired career paths. Continue reading for more details about the benefits of career coaching in NJ and in NYC.

5 Benefits of Career Coaching

1. Establish Your Desired Career Trajectory

A career coach doesn’t just help you find your next job — they guide you towards an optimal long-term career path. Your career coach will help you position yourself better for the next job you apply for, and for the job you want five years from now. A great career coach can provide the resources, skills, and experience needed to revamp your resume, build your network, and build your confidence for job interviews and salary negotiations.

2. Optimize Your Resume

Hiring managers pore through countless resumes, so you need to catch their attention quickly. Your resume should be tailored to the specific company and individuals who you are sending it to. With the help of a career coach who has recent experience in hiring and interviewing, you can ensure that you send the right message and highlight skills that the company is looking for.

3. Improve Your Networking Skills

The saying is often true — who you know can be more important than what you know. By getting to know an experienced career coach, you can learn how to improve your networking skills and enhance your LinkedIn profile. A career coach gives you the resources and information you need to build a strong network, and that could be just what you need to land job interviews with your preferred employers, for roles that you want. This is crucial for successful career coaching in NJ and NYC.

4. Job Interview Tips From Experienced Interviewers

One of the best ways to prepare for job interviews is to pick the brain of an experienced interviewer who is on your side — and that’s what a career coach is. Your mentor will work closely with you to determine your interviewing strengths and areas where you have struggled in the past. You’ll be provided with advice and tips to help you feel more confident and ultimately crush your next job interview.

5. Negotiate Better Salary & Benefits

Career coaches can help you gain a clearer understanding of your value as a worker. As uncomfortable as it can be to negotiate compensation with a potential employer, you are only negotiating in the first place because they see you as an asset and want you on their team. When you are sure about your worth, you feel more confident during negotiations.

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