Keeping up to date with workplace trends can be tough. After all, every day new technologies emerge that can rapidly impact the way company’s do business.

From Slack and the need to manage virtual teams spread across the country to smaller changes like better data management systems seemingly pop up overnight, making it increasingly hard for businesses to keep their ultra-competitive edge.

HR is no different. In fact, HR plays an integral part in all of these shifts. After all, it’s HR that has to house employee data, onboard new staff, figure out what benefits will attract and retain talent, and make sure that the company’s workforce is planned properly.

This is all while having to maintain the day-to-day tasks that come with HR leadership like performing training sessions and attending to the needs of various employees as they arise.

To help you stay current, we’ve compiled this handy infographic that touches upon the top 7 trends currently underway in the HR space.

Some are familiar – the increasing importance of data-driven management systems, for example – and some are shockingly important yet under reported, such as the need for transparency and how to manage a multi-generational workforce dominated by Baby Boomers and Millennials.

Bio: Josh blogs about HR for Careerminds. You can view more of his work here