Career outplacement

Maintaining or Enhancing Corporate Image

Organizations undergoing workforce change typically invest heavily to “manage” the impact of the news on internal and external audiences. The attitudes and reactions of transitioning employees and their former work colleagues have just as much effect as the more formal communications that the organization directs to clients, the local community, and the media.

Career outplacement services can improve corporate image in the following areas:

To Outplaced Employees
Your corporate image is enhanced as a “good corporate citizen” by those employees who are being outplaced. Providing outplacement can also help avoid potential litigation.

To Those Remaining
Those employees who remain will see that you are providing support to those employees who are being outplaced and this will enhance their loyalty. They will also understand that if you are confronted by the need to do this again, you will probably provide them with the same level of support.

To Employees Outside of Your Organization
It is easier to attract the best employees if you have a good corporate image.

Retaining Talent

Research indicates that organizations increasingly reshape their workforces to meet changing business objectives – not just to cut costs. So, as an organization trims staff in one area, it may be expanding and recruiting in another.

Organizations that support their departing employees may reap rewards by retaining talented applicants who might otherwise consider career opportunities at organizations they perceive to be more considerate of their workforce.

In sum, any organization that has the foresight to recognize that providing career outplacement services to employees is a strategic tool for maintaining or enhancing your organization’s image and retaining and recruiting talent is on the cutting edge.