The success of a business is dependent on its talent – the employees, the knowledge workers, and associates, technical or functional specialists; the people who do the work and make the company successful. How does an organization keep employees motivated and focused, so they elect to remain employed and fully productive?  A comprehensive employee retention program can play an important role in both attracting and retaining key employees, as well as in reducing turnover and its related costs. This begins with understanding the importance of employee satisfaction surveys.

What keeps your employees?  Retention experts Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans say that chances are, your employee responses would include the following: Exciting work and challenge.  Career growth, learning and development. Working with great people. Fair pay. Supportive management/good boss.  Being recognized, valued and respected. Benefits. Making a difference. Pride in the organization, its mission, and its product. Great work environment and culture. Autonomy, creativity, and sense of control. Flexibility: work hours, dress, etc. Location. Job security and stability. Diverse, changing work assignments. Fun on the job. Being part of a team. Responsibility. Loyalty, commitment to the organization or co-workers. Inspiring leadership.

Retention is about creating an environment where employees feel they are challenged and cared about. Do not guess at what will work for your key players; know the importance of employee satisfaction surveys and ask them.  Not only will it make them feel valued, but their answers also provide the elements of how you can customize strategies to keep them.

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