The Lindenberger Group, a New Jersey-based, award-winning human resources consulting firm, provides executive leadership courses and coaching to help our clients reach their goals.

Here is an example of one of our executive coaching success stories.

A newly hired director was not effectively transitioned from his previous role as technical expert to his new job as director of his department. In addition, prior to his promotion, the director had not supervised employees and had no experience developing, implementing and executing programs. Last, the director’s predecessor was regarded in very high esteem so there were big shoes to fill.

The director’s boss expected quick improvement in leadership, management and strategic vision to meet organizational challenges. Feedback concerning the progress and additional areas requiring improvement from the director’s boss and Human Resources frequently conflicted. Further, it became clear to the coach that the director was not effectively communicating with his boss and Human Resources.

The coach and director identified areas of strengths for the director to continue to develop while working through a prioritized list of areas to improve. Current issues and situations were used to learn and apply new skills. In an effort to improve the director’s communication, the coach discovered that neither the director nor is staff had received critical training from headquarters in processes and corporate software tools. This was a key cause in the communication gap which impacted the success of the department … the director and his team received the training.

Due to coaching, the director emerged as a leader and acquired additional responsibilities. Using what he learned in executive leadership courses, the director created an employee career planning tool for his direct reports. Human Resources reports that they will use the tool throughout the division. Now confident, the director is able to lead and communicate effectively within the company. No new areas for improvement have been identified. Last, the director credited our coach for being able to keep his job during a recent downsizing.

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