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You have done a great job and clearly excel above your coworkers. Time for a raise, right? Not necessary. According to research, the number one reason for giving a subordinate a raise is not to reward him but to keep him. Retention is why bosses give raises more often than not.

Knowing that, here are a few tips for asking your boss for a raise.

First, do your research. Check out free online resources like to find out if you are being paid competitively. Let your boss know what your research shows if you are not being paid competitively.

Next, demonstrate your success with facts and numbers. Just like you want your boss to show you the money, your boss needs you to show him your value.

Know your boss and what motivates her. If your boss is motivated by getting ahead, tell her how you will help her look good. If your boss is motivated by helping others, explain how your boss has been a great mentor to you and how you have grown through his coaching.

Last, look around you at what is happening in your company, the economy and your industry. If your company is doing well, your timing for asking for a raise is good. If not, consider waiting for better times.