First, train your employees and managers and document who received the training and when. Provide real life examples, use quizzes throughout, and allow time for questions.

Remember that harassers are not always men in management. Harassers can be women, non-managers, vendors, suppliers and contractors.

Make sure that employees have multiple avenues to complain … to HR, to their supervisor, or to anyone in management, for example.

And, do not require that complaints be in writing. Verbal complaints count too.

Train your leaders to set the example and be proactive. If you hear an off color joke, for example, politely and firmly stop it in its tracks.

The most important thing to do is to address a complaint as quickly, thoroughly and confidentially as possible. The courts will look to see what the company did to address a complaint and how quickly the complaint was handled.

Follow up after a complaint to ensure that the alleged victim feels safe and that the alleged harasser is behaving appropriately.