The Lindenberger Group, an award-winning human resources firm located in New Jersey, has expertise in instructional design training, coaching facilitation and project management.

Here is one of our success stories.

Our client sought to retain a vendor to provide instructional design, training facilitation and project management services. The client had a mandate to prepare classroom instructors to assume training delivery.

Some of the obstacles we encountered included that the client was under public scrutiny for mistakes made, senior leaders were under pressure to quickly and competently enhance staff training, and there was concern that learners might experience resistance to the mandate due to concerns about potential job reassignments or job losses.

We created meeting agendas, developed and managed a project plan, did instructional design and training facilitation, and audited training workshops to develop a roster of suggested changes. In addition, we observed and coached trainers, served as master trainer, developed and conducted webinars, and demonstrated sensitivity to learners as groups came together in the early stages of integration. Last, we ensured that the materials were branded consistently and that terminology and language was consistent and complementary across the training courses.

As a result of our efforts, all work was completed on time and within budget. The client rated our work product as excellent.

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