We sat down with Jeff Groh, Owner of New Product Visions, to learn why he decided to start his own business.

Q.Why did you start your own business?

A. I had been in the corporate world for many years, and had achieved much success, but I was just not satisfied. When I decided to leave my current position as a VP of Technology for an analytical instrument manufacturer, while I considered finding a “normal” job, I just kept coming back to a consulting business model that I had been considering for a while. Now was the time to try it. Professionally, I needed to move on and learn new things. From a personal stand point, my daughter was just about through college and my wife and I were looking for a new adventure. I had owned a small business before, so with that experience, we decided to take the chance. My wife will be involved as she will be the “CFO” and my “IT” department all rolled into one!

Q. Who or what helped you in your decision to start your own business?

A. I grew up in a family who owned a small business, so it has really always been a part of me. I had my first experience as a small business owner about 20 years ago, but eventually went back into the corporate world. So those experiences certainly influenced my decision to try it again. The world of consulting was new to me, but seemed interesting and a chance to learn new things. I was very fortunate that when I decided to leave my job this time, I had access to Judy Lindenberger as a career consultant. She was a tremendous help throughout my entire decision-making process. She had been through a similar experience of leaving a corporate position and starting a consulting company, so the advice and encouragement she gave was very helpful.

Q. What do you love most about consulting?

A. First of all, I just feel a need to help clients with the issues surrounding new product development (NPD) processes, and also continue to learn from them. One area I will focus on is management’s role in the process, which I believe is one area where many companies get it wrong. I am passionate about that and feel that I can help clients be more successful. Second, is that it provides me an outlet to do all the things I love to do: continue to learn and think about NPD, work with lots of different companies and technologies, sales, marketing, and running a business. I have a very broad business background and love the variety. Finally, I love being my own boss and the flexibility that provides. I am not very good at being told what to do.

Q. Tell me a success story you have had with a client.

A. It is still very early as I have just been marketing the business for about two months now but what is most satisfying so far is that my “message” seems to be resonating with my target market. I have some clients now that I started working with and more in the works. I am very pleased with where I am right now.

Q. What’s next on your horizon?

A. Marketing, marketing, marketing! Up until about two months ago when the website launched and I officially left my previous employer, I was mostly focused on content and getting myself prepared. Now, the emphasis is on networking, marketing the business, and selling clients on the benefits of hiring me. I am also concentrating on publishing articles and finding opportunities to speak at conferences in order to build name recognition and credibility.

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