As a college student I’ve had different jobs. I’ve worked in retail and been a server and for each job, I was nervous during the interview process. But even though I was nervous, I found myself intrigued by the process that hiring managers go through to know whether a job candidate is right for the job. Human Resources is an important department in any company and I believe that the workplace is not complete without the guidance of Human Resources. I am interested in working in the Human Resources field after college because I believe a healthy work environment makes a business, big or small, progress.

Human Resources provides value in many ways. When hiring a new employee, it is important that the new hire gets proper training. It is important to have a safe workplace. And great communication among the managers and employees is critical for high morale and productivity. Human Resources helps with all of these things.

I believe that the workplace should be a place of progress, that employees need to be willing to get tasks done, but most important, I believe that it is important to feel comfortable around your managers and those you work with.

I hope that, one day soon, I will come up with ideas to improve the environment of my workplace and that I will contribute to helping employees and my company grow.

One area of Human Resources that especially interests me is Training and Development. Training specialists are important when it comes to making sure the employees and the organization advance. The training department can help onboard new employees to ensure that they have the skills needed to perform and make an adjustment to the company’s culture. Training specialists also assist managers and supervisors with performance evaluations. I am interested in the training function within Human Resources because I want to help enhance communication and team work.

According to about forty percent of employees leave their jobs within the first year if they do not receive proper job training. On the other hand, employees are more likely to stay at a job when they get proper job training. Many companies have begun to use the media to train. For example, YouTube training channels and Facebook pages can be created for employee training purposes.

Before I graduate from college, I hope to gain some experience and knowledge in Human Resources. I believe it is important to love what you do and to also love the environment in which you are working and spending most of your days. As a college student who has had quite a few different jobs, I know what it is like to be treated unfairly at a work place and how that can affect your performance at the job. I hope that by pursuing a career in Human Resources, I will be able to assist companies, employees, and managers with improving work environments and relationships between workers and bosses.