1. Our consultants have extensive experience & continually upgrade their knowledge in HR best practices so we can provide high-quality service & trusted advice.
  2. You use us on a scheduled, as-needed basis.
  3. You save on staff costs including tax contributions & benefits.
  4. We set goals, manage consultants, & give you quarterly updates for free.
  5. When your project is completed, you choose whether or not to renew your contract, making the transition easier & legally safer than terminating an employee.
  6. We are trained to mediate workplace disputes, can save you time & legal costs, & advise you on proactive measures to enhance employee relations & employee satisfaction.
  7. It’s easy to fall into employment decisions rather than developing your HR practices from a cohesive & strategic outlook; we bring a fresh perspective & measure your policies against best practices.
  8. We streamline and coordinate your HR functions so you can leave HR in capable hands.
  9. Time spent on HR is time you could spend on business development or professional expertise.