For many years, employers have offered what was commonly known as outplacement assistance to associates who had been severed from the company for a variety of reasons. In fact, a whole new industry, born out of RIF’s, began to proliferate in the ‘80’s.

Today, there are many online resources for displaced employees, but the importance of engaging a solid career consultant to provide well-rounded job search training cannot be overstated.

The advantages of doing this “live” are many:

  1. The career coach provides firsthand knowledge with respect to composing solid resumes, bios and/or online profiles such as LinkedIn.
  2. The participant gains a contemporary view of the importance of networking, interviewing techniques, compensation negotiations and protocols to follow throughout the search … from first approach to offer stages.
  3. Participants, many of whom have not been in a job search for years, gain confidence and begin to overcome perceived obstacles.

From the company’s perspective, offering such assistance has often been said to defray potential litigation following termination. In addition, the company gains credence with associates who remain employed, as well as with the outside business community.

There truly is no substitute for a real live consultant to run such sessions. They have the experience and skills to handle the reactions and emotions that inevitably emanate from a group of displaced associates and can coach participants to turn negatives into positives.

Members of The Lindenberger Group have had many years of experience in this venue. We can assess the specific situation with you and propose the most effective training and assistance for associates affected by a RIF.