An HR Trend for 2014 is the increased use of technology such as virtual on boarding.

When I worked in Human Resources for Mellon Bank in the 1980s, one of my responsibilities was to conduct the new employee orientation program. This was a full day program in which new hires filled out paperwork (at varying levels of speed), watched a video about the company (which I sat through many, many times), and listened to presentations (which may or may not pertain to their job).

Today, HR professionals can on board new hires more efficiently. With virtual on boarding: 1) you choose what paperwork you need each person to complete and they take whatever time they need without holding up anyone else; 2) you choose what training you need them to take so that they are best prepared for their job; and 3) you choose what policies they need to sign off on. Of course, you can provide general information about the company and corporate culture to all new employees.

By selecting an on boarding program that meets the needs of the individual, HR saves time, and new employees get up to speed more quickly. The faster new employees can become productive contributors, the better for everyone.

Start with our master training program. Edit, add, or rearrange content. Upload your company logo, videos, images, or files. Instantly create your own powerful day one training and on boarding program. Simple.

  • Web-based and secure
  • Easy to use, easy to set up
  • Streamlines payroll and benefit paperwork
  • Documents sign off on company policies & guidelines
  • Clarifies expectations of performance & behavior

If you want to learn more about this exciting and affordable new way of on boarding your new hires, let me know and we will arrange a free, fifteen minute demonstration to show you what you have been missing!

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