When e-learning was first introduced, it was a cool new toy and many companies tried it. But e-learning was used less than classroom instruction. Now, things are different. The cost to produce e-learning has gone down. Employees want to spend less time in training and companies want easier ways to schedule training. E-learning is hot!

If you’re wondering if e-learning is right for you, here are the top ten reasons professionals give for moving their training online:

  1. Convenience. You can schedule your learning when you are the most awake or in incremental time blocks, whether it is in between business meetings, on weekends, or after you put the kids to bed.
  2. Individual support. A lot of our courses include an “Ask the Expert” feature which gives you a chance to ask a subject matter expert questions and receive feedback within 24 hours.
  3. Learn at your own pace. You don’t need wait for an instructor to move on with material you are already familiar with, and, you can linger for as long as you want to learn something new.
  4. Fun. E-learning combines readings, graphics, audio/video, interactive exercises, and case studies to keep your attention and it meets the needs of multiple learning styles.
  5. No travel. E-learning is 100% web-based which eliminates traveling, and with the rising price of gas prices, that should be music to anyone’s ears!
  6. Quality.Courses are developed by industry professionals and subject matter experts and are based on content used by world class companies and leading universities.
  7. Real time. You can monitor your progress and learning outcomes as you receive feedback on self-assessments and course quizzes.
  8. HR professionals can monitor learners’ progress. HR professionals can view participation levels and monitor learning outcomes.
  9. No geographical boundaries. Online learning allows you to participate from around the globe.
  10. Cost. E-learning eliminates the cost of printed materials, physical classroom, instructors, and travel.

Face it, we’ve all got to continuously update our skills.  However, finding the time and money to do so can be tough. E-learning can be your answer.

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