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When Ramona Adkins, a consultant with The Lindenberger Group, began working for one of our Cherry Hill, New Jersey clients in 2014, the 85-person company had no human resources processes or procedures in place.

Over the past three years, Ramona developed a new hire process, including an electronic onboarding process; a termination process; FMLA policy and procedures; wrote the employee handbook; created disciplinary procedures; and updated job descriptions.

In addition, we put in place regulatory compliance procedures, testing, required reporting procedures and annual sexual harassment training.

Because of our work, our client has excellent human resource protocols that they rely on when making decisions regarding their employees.

Judy Mascio, another Lindenberger Group consultant, worked with a client whose employees believed that their salaries were below market value. This concern led to a decrease in morale. We conducted a compensation review which showed that, in fact, ninety percent of the employees were paid within or above market rate. For employees whose salaries were below market rate, we made recommendations to move the employees, based on their performance levels, to higher salaries. In all, the employees were grateful that we listened to their concerns and took action.

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