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Strengthen Your Organization

by Judith Lindenberger

A-to-Z, members-only, comprehensive HR website

We offer a members-only website that clients pay to subscribe to. It’s a web-based, comprehensive HR service unlike any other — an online A-to-Z resource & training/support tool that makes HR easy. Clients say this labor-saving advisory system improves the quality of HR practices throughout the organization, enabling their HR functions to do more with each dollar they spend. Both the information and the tools to carry out day-to-day operations and long-term planning are brought right to your desktop. Drill down as needed to research best practices, solve thorny HR problems, implement new procedures, and maintain compliant documentation.

Our members-only website excels in employee benefits (including health care reform), talent management, and legal compliance … indeed, everything to do with lowering the risks — and cutting the costs — of managing people.

Our members-only website really has everything : over 10,000 federal & state regulations, forms and posters (updated daily); over 3,000 training courses on every useful topic; over 650 instructional articles; the policies and tools to document compliance, create or update your employee handbook, etc., etc. Because of its powerful search engine, you can easily find whatever you need.

Sure there are other companies out there offering some of these things (e.g., BNA, BLR, HR & Benefits Essentials, HR411, SHRM, Zywave), but it’s easy to see how our members-only website is a superior deal and blows them all away. There is no comparison. Our members-only website is higher quality, more comprehensive and more user-friendly. It’s not only the best, it’s clearly the best value. Contact us to arrange a demonstration at no cost or obligation.
Employee manuals
Problems often arise from inconsistent and ill-executed policies. Even if your organization has only a handful of employees, keeping your basic procedures and policies well documented is always a good practice. We can help with reviewing, rewriting or developing employee manuals.
Employee surveys
How your employees feel about their jobs, their supervisors, their peers, top management and many other factors affects their individual productivity, and the ability of your business to achieve its objectives. Without a formal process to find out about employee attitudes, organizations usually rely on the manager’s impressions or the employee’s willingness to communicate upward. But managerial instinct rarely provides the kind of hard data needed for decision-making and most employees are hesitant to communicate anything but positive information to their supervisors.

Our customized employee surveys promote open and constructive communication and establish priorities for change. In addition, our surveys ensure that you obtain the right diagnosis to develop and support the decisions that your business must make.
Human resources audits
The proverbial once of prevention is worth a pound of litigious cure. Our human resources audits review key areas such as benefits and compensation, communications, employee treatment, legal compliance, recruitment and selection, training and development, and safety, etc. Following the audit, we make valuable recommendations on achieving better personnel management as well as tips for avoiding legal minefields.
Human Resource Outsourcing
Get instant access to employment forms, training and expert HR advice on everything from unemployment compensation and employment discrimination laws to the family medical leave act and how to hire and fire employees. The Lindenberger Group Human Resource Outsourcing offers a variety of affordable membership levels so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your specific needs and budget. Every membership comes complete with a dedicated HR Advisor who’s ready to give you all the personal attention you deserve, backed by our team of licensed, experienced HR professionals. The Lindenberger Group Human Resource Outsourcing is priced so affordably that even if you only take advantage of the FREE employee handbook that comes with every membership plan, it easily pays for itself.
Finally—flexible, affordable and convenient HR solutions that work for you including expert HR advice, training and more. Get immediate answers, call us for more information.
Job descriptions
The job description needs to communicate clearly and concisely what responsibilities and tasks the job entails, to indicate the key qualifications of the job, and describe the attributes that underlie superior performance. We can help with reviewing, rewriting or developing job descriptions.
Market your business
Most small businesses are not successful. Be one that is! The key to marketing is to focus on results, not activities. Marketing is deciding what you want to accomplish and then using the right tools to reach your goals. Learn how to:
Define your business
Define your customers
Define your competition
Define your competitive advantage
Establish marketing goals
Measure and monitor your results
Online discrimination training in English and Spanish
Our discrimination training assists with EEOC compliance. The online training enables your company to create an affirmative defense strategy to reduce corporate liability. This affordable solution is designed to be turn-key simple and complementary to your existing employee development program. It begins where your employee handbook ends.
Online management law training for supervisors
This course is designed for managers and supervisors and addresses how to manage employment issues that have a potential legal impact to your organization.
Online sexual harassment prevention training for employees in English and Spanish
Our online sexual harassment prevention training for employees is designed to assist with EEOC compliance. The program includes similar features to the supervisor’s program (see below).
Online sexual harassment prevention training for supervisors in English and Spanish
Our online sexual harassment prevention training for supervisors is designed to assist with EEOC compliance. The program includes:

Standardized (or your own) anti-sexual harassment policy
Interactive web-based program to consistently reach all supervisors
Real-life, high definition video scenarios to improve comprehension and retention
Delivered in common, non-legal language for increased understanding
Forced correct assessment demonstrating 100% knowledge transfer
Reportable database documenting employee training
Clearly defined investigation procedures
Preliminary investigation questionnaire
All of our online compliance training is SCORM compliant. SCORM is a standards based learning protocol that allows for efficient, effective online training.
Process reengineering
Often things do not seem to be working in a department or operation. Or you may have one job that has defeated everyone who has been in the position. You assume that if only the right people were in place, the problem would be solved. However, more often than not, the problem is the process not the people. We can analyze and redesign the processes and provide you with recommendations to:
Enhance performance by the individual employees
Streamline the workflow
Eliminate unnecessary activities, paper and waste
Drive time and cost savings
Sexual harassment
Harassment and discrimination of all types can hurt businesses. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, average harassment settlements have swelled to over $250,000 per incident.
Safeguard your organization with this workshop that revolves around the most recent Supreme Court rulings and legal issues. Promote a safe working environment that encourages employees to talk openly about potential problems to help eliminate sexual harassment in your workplace. Train your managers how to prevent and resolve claims of sexual harassment and guide managers through the investigative process. Learn how to:
Recognize early signs of sexual harassment
Prevent and resolve sexual harassment
Investigate claims and suspicions
Strategic planning
Effective leaders think strategically. They analyze opportunities and problems from a broad perspective, anticipate and plan. They focus team energies on those key activities that will have a significant impact on the organization. We offer strategic planning retreats for teams, organizations and boards of trustees.

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