At The Lindenberger Group we have had many coaching successes. For a New Jersey-based client, one of our consultants, Jody Rennie, coached an employee who was unsuccessful in completing her assigned duties to the expectations of her supervisor.  Several issues added to complexity included FMLA and inconsistencies in directions provided by the supervisor.  During the coaching process, it was determined the supervisor’s inconsistent behavior was contributing to the problem and ultimately the supervisor departed the company. As a result of the coaching, the employee being coached improved communications skills, developed work flow processes to improve organization, and was more consistent in her work product.

For a second client, Jody coached a newly hired department director who had minimal leadership/management experience. Coaching focused on transition from technical expert to leader/manager. Topics included: time and priority management for the department, personal time management, leadership, public speaking, eliminating procrastination, giving effective feedback, and effectively working within a matrix organization. In addition, coaching improved the new director’s confidence and engagement with his peers to improve overall operations.

In addition to coaching success, The Lindenberger Group is expert at creating and running successful, long lasting mentoring programs. Founder, Judy Lindenberger, helped a New York nonprofit establish a very successful mentoring program that began in 2000 and is still in existence today. Judy dedicated herself to learning the organization’s culture and developed great relationships with all the mentors. As a result of the mentor training Judy provided, employees report that they are better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding meaningful solutions, and becoming better leaders.

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