As the economy continues struggle, what should HR professionals expect to see through 2011?

1. Rising health care costs may require employers to reevaluate their benefits plans.
2. An aging workforce could mean a shift in retirement benefits.
3. The workforce may include multi-generational employees.
4. Because of the economy, companies will have to find ways to maintain morale.
5. Many companies will provide some kind of online employee development.
6. HR will need to keep up with succession planning.
7. The amount of time to fill an opening will expand as hiring managers go through numerous resumes and interviews.
8. Social technologies will be critical to reaching and connecting with the younger workforce.
9. Flexible work schedules and using consultants will be the new reality of doing business.
10. Bonuses that were expected will be lower or disappear. Many companies will re-evaluate their compensation plans.

I am curious … what HR issues do you struggle with? Please post your comments and I’ll do my best to reply to you personally.

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