As host of the Carnival of HR I asked guest contributors to develop a “list of 7” in honor of September being the Roman word for seven. The topics range from careers, compensation and customer service to management, metrics and moods, as well as a few surprises.

Please enjoy all 18 posts below and let me know which one  is your favorite and why.

Amy L. Adler, president and founder of Inscribe / Express, a resume writing and career search strategy firm, gives Seven Words You Can’t Use in a Resume at

Naomi Bloom, Managing Partner, Bloom & Wallace, writes an impassioned post about the power of social technology and what she might have blogged about on September 11th ten years ago in Remembering 9/11/2001: Let’s Give ’em Hell! at

Cori Curtis, Marketing Communications Specialist, BAUDV!LLE, submitted Seven Tips for an Excellent Customer Service Week Celebration and a really cool free Employee Event Planning  Checklist at

Lynn Dessert, President of Leadership Breakthrough, Inc., writes How to Overcome Seven Career Limiting Behaviors at

Ben Eubanks, HRevolution Co-Founder, gives us at Seven Tips For Recruiting Success at

Layoffs are once again rearing their ugly head in the US. Bank of America has announced  that they are cutting 30,000 jobs. Susan Heathfield, author of the Guide to Human Resources, writes 7 Tips for Compassionate Layoffs at

Prasad Oommen Kurian,  Organization Development, Learning and Talent Management Professional, India, says he waited seven years to send the post, Do Regional and Global Roles Always Make Sense? at

Dwane Lay of gives us 7 Deadly Sins of Employee Disengagement at

Benjamin McCall, author of RE-Think HR, provides 7 Metrics for Leadership, at

Lois Melbourne, CEO of Aquire, contributes 7 Ways to Boost Your Leadership Career at

Using the number seven, Jennifer V. Miller, Managing Partner at SkillSource of W. Michigan, Inc., fashions a fresh way to look at employee engagement: through the eyes of a little brother at the school bus stop in The Seven Moods of Employee Engagement, at

Cathy Missildine-Martin, SPHR, Chief Performance Officer, Intellectual Capital Consulting, Inc., urges HR professionals to intelligently measure their impact in 7 Deadliest Sins of HR Metrics, at

Shauna Moerke, HR Minion, gives advice for job seekers with Note to Candidates: Seven Tips at

Maggie Patterson, PR Consultant, Halogen Software, shares Healthy Solutions for Managing Time Better and interesting research about multi-taskers at

Nancy Saperstone, HR Consultant with Insight Performance, gives ideas for supporting the transition to manager in Manager Training is  the Key to Preparing New Managers to Manage at

Andrew Tarvin, Humor Consultant (what a great title!), writes about 7 Types of Work Relationships at

Anadi Upadhyaya, from TheTalentedApps team, contributed Seven Keys to a Robust Compensation System at

Ian Welsh, Independent HR Professional from Toronto, Canada, muses about the significance of numbers in HR Magnificent Seven! Our Best Number! at