As a leader, your biggest asset is your workforce. Conducting employee engagement surveys is a great way to learn what is important to your workers. Here are three reasons why you should conduct one at your company.

  • Measure Employee Engagement. The term employee engagement means employees who are committed and passionate about their jobs. Better engagement means better productivity. Organizations whose employees are engaged perform better than companies whose employees are not by over 200%. When employees are engaged at work, they feel a connection with the company. They believe that the work they’re doing is important and therefore work harder. An employee engagement survey can help you understand how your employees feel about key drivers of employee engagement such as management / leadership, communication, the work they do, feedback, recognition, career growth, relationships with co-workers, salary, benefits, and work environment.
  • Give Employees a Voice. Today’s workers expect to be able to speak freely and honestly and to be listened to and taken seriously.  Employee engagement surveys give workers a venue for open feedback, help them realize that they have a stake in the company, and show them that their opinions are valued. When people know that their opinions are valued and heard, they tend to work harder. Their performance improves because their job satisfaction rises. And, allowing employees to talk openly displays a level of trust which enables them to feel more valued and more connected to the leaders of an organization – as well as to other employees. When your employees have a voice, they are more likely to work harder and remain loyal, which translates into higher profits for your company.
  • Increase Employee Engagement. The information obtained from an employee engagement survey will allow you to identify strengths and opportunities for improving engagement in your organization. Once a strategy is implemented after a survey, your organization can set a roadmap for success and measure progress.

Do you want help administering employee engagement surveys? If yes, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!