This is a guest post from Alexey Etcheverry, a social media expert who has given me great advice and tips to grow our brand at The Lindenberger Group. Read his tips for using social media to build your brand.

Smart business owners and job seekers are optimizing their online presence through social media. While it may seem easy enough to sign up for a Twitter or Facebook and post whenever you remember, in today’s digital world the competition for online attention is fierce enough that you need to bring your A-game to every part of your online presence – and that includes utilizing social media platforms to the best of your ability. Here are three tips to increase awareness of your brand.

  1. Don’t Underestimate LinkedIn

Maybe because the process of filling out a LinkedIn profile seems difficult (it isn’t – you can easily copy-paste pre-existing descriptions of your company or resume to your profile), or maybe because it wasn’t very long ago that the website seemed to just be a more professional but much less popular version of Facebook, you may be hesitant to join LinkedIn. The reality now, however, is that LinkedIn has become an excellent networking opportunity, along with an incredibly effective way to recruit quality new hires, based on recommendations and easily-visible qualifications and employment histories. In addition, you can promote your own or your company’s expertise by using LinkedIn to publish periodic, original business-related articles, which never hurts when it comes to building credibility for your brand. There are over 40 million recent college graduates on LinkedIn and 140 million total profiles, which is a good reason to set up your own profile and get in the mix.

  1. Know Your Clients, And Let Your Clients Know You

Potential clients or job seekers want to know as much about a brand as possible – who owns it, who works for it, what’s new in the industry, and so on. Social Media is the perfect platform to create a personal connection with your clients. Responding (positively!) to potential clients, job seekers or hiring managers is a must whenever possible, as is keeping up with informational and inspirational posts, blogs, infographics, etc. Once you’ve built up a steady group of followers, there are a variety of ways you can use your following to get free feedback from trusting users – the easiest is to simply ask for feedback on your brand in the social media platforms you use and then use that information to enhance your brand.

  1. Use Social Media Time Savers to Simplify and Organize

You may worry that using social media to promote your brand will add a ton of stress or time-consuming work to your over-packed schedule. While creating original online content definitely takes some time (whether yours or a dedicated writer’s), it’s a worthwhile investment in your online presence – and with a few time-saving template apps, you can boil content writing down to simple formulas and post on multiple platforms based on pre-organized schedules that make the fullest use of every piece of writing. Buffer Blog offers a free list of headline formulas to use for unique, eye-catching Twitter posts, as well as effective copywriting formulas to drive traffic to your website, while HubSpot provides users with 60 free templates for graphics-based social media updates. With easily customizable templates, as well as apps like CoSchedule’s free Social Media Sharing Schedule or Content Marketing Editorial Calendar, regularly creating and updating online content to build your brand, completely for free, is something any entrepreneur or job seeker can use to save time.

Which of these tips will you try out?