Does your company need help developing employee performance management, policies, and procedures? The Lindenberger Group, an award-winning HR consulting firm in New Jersey, can help.

Here is one example of our success in developing policies and procedures.

One of our clients, a small manufacturing company, doubled from a staff of about twenty employees to forty employees in a short period of time. With growth came the need for written work procedures and employee performance management to ensure consistent, repeatable, high-quality work by all employees in all departments. However, no written procedures existed and tribal knowledge was the only source of training. The significant number of new employees required better methods to ensure excellent customer service. In addition, given all of the organizational change occurring as the result of rapid growth, the management team did not have the internal resources to develop clear and consistent work procedures.

The client provided us with a variety of documents, stream of consciousness emails, and we conducted interviews and observed employees working to obtain data about existing procedures.

We created a template for procedures and developed clear, step by step directions for employees to follow. Each procedure cross-referenced related procedures. A comprehensive table of contents was created to allow employees to easily find the appropriate procedure.

The client was amazed at the significant improvement in employee performance and customer service resulting from standardizing the procedures.

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