The definition of outsourcing is to contract out certain business tasks, previously performed internally, to an independent outside organization. Outsourcing human resources is a growing trend partly because of the increasing complexity the human resources function. FMLA, ADA, the new I-9 form, employee relations issues, and changing legal compliance. Outsourcing HR can help companies obtain high level expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring an HR team.

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conducted a survey of hundreds of companies and found that 26% of the companies outsource HR to save money, 23% outsource to focus on strategy, and 22% of companies outsource to improve compliance. In addition, 18% outsource due to a lack of experience in-house.

At The Lindenberger Group, we help businesses and non-profits by providing consultants with many years of experience, backed by our team approach. This saves our clients time and money. We meet with our clients quarterly, for free, to ensure that we are achieving the deliverables we agreed upon, and to set new goals.

Our clients have said that we find meaningful solutions, help leaders become better, are marvelous collaborators, provide great expertise, enhance communications, have taken over HR functions with amazing results, and help the organization continue to improve daily.  Check out our Testimonials at to read more.

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